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Howard Slaney



Business Details


Personal Details

Managing DirectorConcensio Ltd3 Highdale Fold


Derbyshire S18 1TA

Born 4thFebruary 1967Mobile Telephone: 07903 486303Office Telephone:   01246 414201

Email:   howard@concensio.co.uk

Website: www.concensio.co.uk


LinkedIn Profile & Recommendations:www.linkedin.com/pub/howard-slaney/12/833/199

Twitter: @concensio and @truefeedback

Facebook: Concensio Ltd

 Education & Qualifications Summary 
1981 -1983 Mirfield High School8 “O” Levels: Math’s, English Literature, English Language, Geography, Biology, Physics, French, Humanities
1984 -1985 Mirfield High School 3 “A” Levels: Computer Science, Economics, General Studies
Vocational Qualifications
Banking Certificate Stage 1 & 2, Financial Planning Certificate 1, 2 & 3, Diploma in Business Excellence (2000),
Diploma in Performance Coaching incorporating NLP (2002)

Employment History


1985 – 1992 Nat West BankCashier, enquiries, records, Manager’s Assistant, Lending Manager, Sales Co-ordinator and Branch Manager
1992 – 1993 Nat West Insurance ServicesIndependent Financial Adviser recommending regulated life, pensions, savings and mortgage products
1993 – 1994 Nat West LifeSenior Personal Financial Adviser recommending regulated life, pensions, savings and mortgage products
1994 – 1995 Nat West LifeRegional Manager for Scotland, managing a team of eight regulated financial advisers. Responsible for sales targets and T&C for the team, including training, field accompaniments, field assessments, business review and coaching
1995 – 1997 Nat West Mortgage ServicesArea Sales Manager, South Yorkshire managing a team of eight regulated financial advisers. Responsible for sales targets and T&C for the team, including training, field accompaniments, field assessments, business review and coaching
1997 – 1998 Pearl AssuranceTraining & Compliance Manager for the North Region Task Force Branch Trouble Shooting Team, involving training, field accompaniments, field assessments, business review and coaching
1998 – 2001 Prudential AssuranceTraining Consultant responsible for training delivery and design plus T&C responsibilities for New Entrants including training, field accompaniments, field assessments, business review and coaching
2001 – 2006 Click-TC Ltd (Managing Director)Training Consultancy undertaking project management, diagnostic, design, delivery and evaluation projects2007 – Present Day Concensio Ltd (Co-Director)

Training Consultancy undertaking project management, diagnostic, design, delivery and evaluation projects


Employed Achievements


1992 Independent Financial Adviser: 110% of Annual Target achieved
1993 Personal Financial Adviser: 115% of Annual Target achieved
1994 Regional Manager: 125% of Target achieved as a manager – increased productivity by 30% over previous manager
1995 Area Sales Manager:  Achieved 2nd Place in National League Table
1996 Area Sales Manager: Achieved 1st Place in National League Table
1998 Training Consultant: Graduate of the Academy
1999 Training Consultant: Salute to the Stars winner (Royal Albert Hall)


Concensio Ltd Business Profile

Having developed sales and training skills working for Blue Chip companies, the decision was made to set up a training company in 2001, Click-TC Ltd. This was extremely successful from the outset by creating strong relationships with larger, established Training Consultancies and negotiating sub-contract projects with them across a variety of business sectors. In the 6 years between incorporation and the end of 2006 the business turned over £531,000 and pre-tax profits of £411,000.


In order to grow the business, it was identified that it needed to be larger and target direct business rather than sub-contracting to the other major players. To this end, Click-TC Ltd merged with CT Directions Ltd, another training consultancy run by Catherine Tranmer, in January 2007 to form Concensio Ltd. The business created relationships with 25 key associates that ran there own training consultancies to give the business critical mass to negotiate positions on Preferred Supplier Lists. This has proved to be very successful; between incorporation and the end of the 2010-11 Business Year, the business turned over £597,000 and pre-tax profits of £446,000 (4 years of accounts). Fifth year accounts are currently being prepared with an estimated pre-tax profit of £150,000.


 Howard Slaney Personal Profile 

Howard is a strong advocate of the phrase ‘people buy people’ and, because of this, he is a very easy person to work with. He is always professional and completes work to a very high standard. Having a customer service, sales and management background has created an excellent mix of capabilities that have been put to very good use not only in the running of his own businesses, but also in the breadth of contracts that he has been able to pitch for, win and successfully complete.


One of Howard’s biggest assets is his ability to immerse himself into a business very quickly to understand their needs and their culture. His efficiency means that he can often complete projects much faster than many, saving businesses that he works with money due to the length of time required to complete projects. He has recently designed 32 days’ worth of blended training material in a 75-day window, a design ratio of 2.3:1 (i.e. 2.3 days to design 1 day’s delivery).


Quality of work is not compromised by Howard’s efficient, lean ways of working. His work has been nominated for National Training Awards and he is invited back into businesses on a regular basis to complete new projects.


Whilst Howard’s capabilities are wide reaching, his areas of expertise are in customer service, sales and leadership development. He is able to project manage, undertake diagnostic work, design and deliver creative training solutions across many industry sectors including regulated financial services, retail, travel and telecommunications. He is equally at home training in direct-to-customer, business-to-business, high net worth and call centre environments.


Howard keeps abreast of technological advances and has incorporated LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook into his own businesses. He has also recently ventured into on-line learning design creating a suite of modules using uploaded hyperlinked PowerPoint shows to create an on-line learning journey for an induction programme.


Overview of Contract Experience Customer Service Skills Development


  • Resourced a team of 25 trainers to deliver customer service training for PC World
  • Diagnostic reporting, training proposal design and detailed design of Call Centre Upskilling programme (including delivery of Train The Trainer) called Next Generation Voice in Prudential in 2006
  • Training Delivery to call handlers, coaches and team managers regarding Prudential regulatory tests and core skills at Egg in 2006
  • Design of Customer Services Improvement Programme – “The Ultimate Customer Experience” at BMW Financial Services in 2006
  • Delivery of Induction Programme for new entrant Customer Care Associates for Barclays Wealth in 2008
  • Delivery of Sales through Service Programme to Holiday Advisers and Resort Training Managers in Corfu and Portugal for TUI in 2009
  • Delivery and consolidation of sales skills training to Customer Service Advisers in chain of Spire private hospitals across the UK in 2009
  • Delivery and project management of sales, customer service, CDL Systems, product and process training for new start up business plus Model Office Project Management in preparation for ‘go live’ at Tesco Bank in 2010


Sales Skills Development


  • Lead designer and deliverer of induction programmes for call centre staff and IFA account managers for new company launch at PruHealth in 2004; revisited in 2005 and 2006 for advanced sales skills
  • Delivery of three-day sales training course for Britannia Airways in 2004 including 1:1 on-job consolidation/coaching – doubled turnover overnight
  • Delivery of Field Account Manager, Telephone Account Manager and Sales Support Executives training for Prudential in 2005 and 2006
  • Design and delivery of Sales Process and sales skills training for new team of Universal Agents handling Upgrades and Retentions at Orange in 2005
  • Branch manager support at Alliance and Leicester in 2005 – performance coaching and mentoring
  • Design of Confident referrals lead generation material for retail branches in Royal Bank of Scotland Group in 2007 and again in 2011 for New Entrant Academy
  • Diagnostic, Design, Delivery and Consolidation of sales skills programme in 2nd charge lending market for First Plus in 2007
  • Diagnostic, Design, Delivery and Consolidation of sales skills programme for cross sales in mortgage market for NatWest Mortgage Services
  • Delivery of sales and management training for tele‐consultants and managers – face to face on job consolidation for T-Mobile in 2008
  • Design, delivery and consolidation of sales training/sales management training for Debt Management/Insolvency company Churchwood Financial in 2008
  • On job sales coaching with telesales advisers at National Savings and Investments in 2008

Point of Sales Training


  • Lead designer and Train the Trainer lead for Prudential on 2000
  • Lead Designer for Point of Sale training including remote and face-­‐to-­‐face material for Norwich Union in 2002; Project Management of Training Needs Analysis and reporting; Delivery of Train The Trainer events and workshops
  • Designer of Induction Programme for Barclays in 2002 including Point of Sale training and case study design
  • Designer in People Change Work stream for Sales Process Implementation Programme for Royal Bank of Scotland Group in 2003 including delivery of all Train the Trainer Programmes
  • Designer of Sales Process training programme known as Face the Future for Friends Provident in 2004 for Appointed Representatives
  • Delivery of sales process and Point of Sales training to Savings and Investment Managers and Financial Planning Managers in Royal Bank of Scotland Group in 2006, 2007 and 2008
  • Design, delivery and project management of sales process change for RBSG managers and advisers for AVIVA in 2009 – submitted for National Training Award in 2010


Leadership Development


  • Transformational Agent within Prudential coaching from first line to board level managers in 2000
  • Lead Designer and co-­‐deliverer of Management Development Workshop for Leeds & Holbeck Building Society in 2002 around Inspirational Leadership, Change Management, Conflict Management and Time Management
  • Deliverer for launch of Balanced Business Scorecard for Lloyds TSB in 2002 as part of Change Management programme
  • Designer of Sales Manager Induction Programme for Norwich Union in 2002
  • Design and deliver two Development Centre Workshops to improve the perception of PruTech in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Included sessions on Relationship Management, Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Managing Change and Managing Conflict
  • Delivery of managerial training on performance management/coaching skills for Virgin Holidays in 2005
  • Diagnostic reporting, training proposal design, detailed design and delivery of Call Centre lead generation and management development programmes for performance coaching at ING Direct in 2006 and 2007
  • Re-­‐design and delivery of Supervisor Programme as part of migration of PruDirect into Egg in 2006
  • Design and delivery of management reclassification events for Royal Bank of Scotland IFS in 2007 and Private bank in 2008
  • Design of 5-­‐day Area Sales Manager T&C Workshop including assessments for Royal Bank of Scotland Mortgage Services
  • Design and delivery of Strategy and Leadership Workshop for fast track management development programme for QBE in 2008
  • Delivery of coaching workshop for first, second and third line managers – face to face on job consolidation for Royal Mail
  • Delivery of Performance Management Workshop for Team Leaders including huddles, KPI management and performance reviews – face to face on job consolidation for Carphone Warehouse in 2008
  • Delivery of Manager Induction Programme including Assessment Management for Royal Bank of Scotland in 2008
  • Delivery and consolidation of Performance Management programme for managers (NLP Based) for HBOS Card Services in 2009
  • Design and Train the Trainer for a coaching workshop and an inspirational leadership workshop for Specsavers in 2009
  • North East Excellent Manager Programme – deliverer of 3 x module leadership development programme for middle-­senior line management of North East Local Authority in 2010
  • Project management, Design and Delivery for creation of new management roles within the mortgage team at regional and area manager level (Controlling Supervisors and Supervisors) for Royal Bank of Scotland Group




  • Designer of training proposals for Career World in 2001
  • Designer of training proposals for Central Learning Solutions in 2001
  • Business review of Unit Trust sales for Lloyds TSB Private Banking in 2003
  • Design one day assessment centre for existing Senior Managers as part of development in 2004 for Prudential B2B Senior Management
  • Produced diagnostic report for training material gap analysis for senior management at Prudential B2B Worksite Sales in 2005
  • Design and delivery of Intermediary training material (UKI) and call centre training (D2C) material for Prudential New Protection Proposition in 2005
  • Business interviews and reporting for HMRC process simplification in 2005
  • Sales pitch, diagnostic, design, delivery and consolidation of consultancy skills workshop in travel industry for Thomas Cook Signature in 2006
  • Proposal writing for tender for customer service improvement in ticket offices for FA Premiership via Blue Sky in 2006


On-line Learning


  • Stakeholder Internet Training Design for PruDirect Call Centre – remote learning package for use on desktops plus coaching training design and delivery for 1st line managers in 2001
  • Diagnosis and design to create Learning Journeys across the business including blended approach incorporating on-­‐line learning; Leadership Development diagnosis and design; Cultural Change agent implementing move towards customer centricity for Partnership Assurance Company in 2011



  • Designer of Abbey T&C Scheme in 2004
  • Deliverer of Fast Track to Annuities three week programme to call centre sales consultants at PruDirect in 2004 and 2009
  • Lead designer of a 5-week induction programme for PruDirect in 2005
  • Trainer Observation and Feedback, Quality Assurance on Health and Safety Course at EDF Energy in 2006
  • Design and delivery of trainer development programme for Norwich Union in 2007
  • Design to incorporate Treating Customer Fairly principles into product learning material for Norwich union in 2007
  • Design of Payment Protection Insurance Advice paper for HSBOS in 2008
  • Interim Manager role as Programme Manager for design of Learning Journeys across UK, Europe and Asia. Project management and design role for RBS Coutts
  • Supported design and project management needs across retail including telephony induction, service to sales transition and outbound calling functions in Royal Bank of Scotland Retail in 2011
  • Design of Hearcare module for use at launch events for stores for Specsavers in 2012
  • Transformational Consultant for Homeserve, implementing new advice sales process across 600 employees, transforming the way the business conducts it’s sales, management activities and quality functions based on a new T&C Scheme introduced  as a result of an FSA RMP



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