£395 plus VAT per attendee

This one day workshop is based on the definition of management: to maximise performance by harnessing the efforts of others.

Running from 10am to 4pm to minimise your time away from the day (or night!) job, this event will put attendees through their paces using powerful learning techniques to illustrate the difference that the workshop content will make to their performance and that of their teams.

Attendees will develop their ability to…

  • build a strong team identity
  • contract with each team member
  • maximise results
  • manage under-performance
  • provide effective feedback
  • coach for success

Attendees learn from the experiences on the workshop and bring away with them professional key notes that will act as a refresher for them once back at the workplace. If your managers have been promoted from within from a sales or service role, they need to attend this workshop!

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