Authentic Leadership Workshop Survey… The Results!

After a week of collating senior professional’s input via Survey Monkey, the results are shown below for the desired content for our forthcoming Leadership Workshops. The highlights of the results are as follows, showing the percentage of respondents requesting a particular topic:


  • Dissection of a leader; what differentiates good from bad 71.4%
  • How to be a leader of all, not just a few 42.9%
  • How to be authentic 14.3%
  • Developing your presence 57.1%
  • Leadership strategy 42.9%
  • Creating a compelling vision 14.3%
  • Communicating your vision 71.4%
  • Managing a transformational change programme 28.6%
  • How to manage your stakeholders 42.9%
  • How to maximise performance in your business 42.9%

The content highlighted in blue will therefore definitely make the workshops!

In addition, 71.4% of respondents indicated that they would welcome the opportunity to add a mentor following completion of the event, so this will be facilitated during the workshops.


All respondents were happy with a midweek event as opposed to a weekend event. NO-one has the capacity to attend this side of Christmas (which is no surprise), however there was a healthy split for events to run each month between January and July 2013 with favoured months being February, March and May.

What next?

Thank you for helping to create this workshop. We will be in touch with a formal invite, agenda and costs over the coming months.

Kind regards,


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