Remediation – Financial Services for the Next 10 Years???

Business review is not a new concept in Financial Services however Remediation is a term that is becoming more common. Whether it is regarding the redress of PPI complaints or a regulatory led project regarding Treating Customers Fairly and ensuring there is a Fair Customer Outcome, it is vital that any intervention is handled by professionals with experience in this arena.

Concensio can supply a team of remediation specialists to ensure your project meets its deadlines; the last thing any business wants is to be hit with a fine for failing to meet its deadlines, this often being on top of an initial fine from the regulator that may have kick-started the whole remediation process.

We can project mange and undertake the process along with your business to ensure that remediation and redress are conducted professionally with customers, limiting any bad press that could result from a badly managed process.

Contact us today for a professional discussion about your business needs.

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